A breakdown of the Indianapolis Colts' 2017 draft class and its progress after two weeks of training camp:

Malik Hooker, S, first round (No. 15 overall): Hooker said he felt like a kid in a candy store after playing in his first NFL game in the preseason opener against Detroit on Sunday. It was the first time he played more than eight straight snaps in a game or practice since his final game at Ohio State. It's been a long road for the former Buckeyes standout. He missed offseason workouts following surgery last winter. Donte Moncrief JerseysHe's been working with the second unit, Andrew Luck Jerseysbut should be making his way into the starting lineup with veteran Darius Butler before the start of the regular season.

Quincy Wilson, CB, second round (No. 46): The thought was Wilson would be the starting cornerback opposite veteran Vontae Davis. That might end up happening at some point, but the former Florida Gator is off to a slow start. Frank Gore JerseysHe was beaten out by fellow rookie Nate Hairston for the starting job against Detroit in the preseasion opener. Then Wilson gave up a touchdown reception by taking a bad angle in defending on the play.

Tarell Basham, LB, T.Y. Hilton Jerseysthird round (No. 80): The Colts are in desperate need of a pass rush, which was Basham's specialty while at Ohio University. But Basham has not provided any of that so far in training camp. Vontae Davis JerseysHe has yet to take advantage of the opportunities presented to him to prove he deserves a spot in the linebacker rotation.

Zach Banner, OL, fourth round (No. 137): Injuries and lack of depth on the offensive line so far have opened up the door for plenty of preseason snaps for Banner. His size -- listed at 6-foot-9, 358 pounds -- makes him an intimidating presence on the offensive line. He has to work on his speed and technique so that he can make sure the edge rushers can't quickly turn the corner on him.


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